One wine, one dish

We will try to offer you a food and wine pairing every month, as far as possible of course. Each month together with the Chef and Sommelier of a restaurant, we will offer you a recipe, pairing with one of our wines.

Month of April 2022: Clos du Val d'Éleon 2018 with scallops, hazelnuts, butternut & bergamot by starred Chef Paul Stradner

Comment from the Sommelier of the restaurant Villa Lalique, Romain Iltis, MOF 2015:

"The complantation of Riesling and Pinot Gris takes on its full meaning here in this dry, chiseled wine. The direct tension, brought by the Riesling, highlights the maritime character and its citrus notes are linked with the bergamot. The Pinot Gris then comes in to soothe this tension and gives the texture a smoother sensation and thus marries the so particular melting characteristics of raw scallops, accentuated on the part garnished with hazelnut. The whole is marked by the expression of the smoky characteristics of schists which are revealed in the finish, imposing the strength of the terroir to prolong the iodized expression of the whole."

Villa René Lalique
18 Rue Bellevue
67290 Wingen-sur-Moder

2 Stars - Guide Michelin

"Built in 1920 in Wingen-sur-Moder in the Bas-Rhin by René Lalique, a great jeweler of Art Nouveau and famous master glassmaker of Art Deco, Villa René Lalique consists of an exceptional hotel and a refined restaurant, a living and vibrant tribute to its creator. The six exclusive suites, each inspired by an original design by the avant-garde artist, tell, in the heart of the Vosges du Nord regional natural park, the history of a name that has become a jewel in the crown of French crystal-making. In the large fully glazed room of the gourmet restaurant, the Austrian chef Paul Stradner works with his team to develop a creative, intense and colorful cuisine. He benefits from the advice by chef Jean-Georges Klein, now a consultant for the establishment. Alongside him are pastry chef Nicolas Multon — who draws inspiration from local products to make his sweet creations — as well as Alsatian head sommelier Romain Iltis, who reigns over the exceptional cellar of Villa René Lalique, one of the most beautiful in Europe, with no less than 60,000 bottles. Hervé Schmitt, the restaurant manager, orchestrates the service ballet and the Lalique table scenography."

"Presentation of the Sommelier Romain Iltis: A child of the Munster valley, the professional path to cooking seemed to be marked out when the wine virus caught up with him at the end of his studies. After a few seasons, he returned to his native lands and started the sommelier competitions brilliantly, winning the Master of Port 2008, Meilleur sommelier de France 2012 then Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015. Today wine director for the Lalique group, he oversees 4 restaurants while officiating alongside chef Paul Stradner at Villa René Lalique in Wingen sur Moder, a restaurant crowned with 2 Michelin stars for which he has built up the unique selection of wines."

Booking : +33 (0)3 88 71 98 98 / website :

Chef : Paul Stradner
Sommelier : Romain Iltis, MOF 2015

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Month of January 2022: Lerchenberg 2020 accompanying a Goose Foie Gras Maréchal de Contades by Michelin-starred Chef and Chevalier du Mérite Agricole Thierry Schwartz

Comment from the Sommelier of the restaurant Thierry Schwartz - Le Restaurant:

"The Pinot Gris Lerchenberg 2020 being a wine with an ample and generous attack with notes of ripe fruit, goes well with the generosity of the Foie Gras d'Oie d'Alsace Maréchal de Contades. The balance is created thanks to the finesse of the goose foie gras underlined by the saline finish and the silky acidity of this elegant Pinot Gris."
Thierry Schwartz - Le Restaurant
35 rue de Sélestat
67210 Obernai

"For Thierry Schwartz, "Alsatian of heart and origin", nature is only considered in the heart of the plate: his commitment to local producers is proof of this, and has earned him the insignia of Knight of Agricultural Merit Let's set the scene: natural and woody, with an exhibition of seasonal vegetables, wooden tables and a crackling fireplace... In this, the former collaborator of Joël Robuchon concocts two remarkable menus, in 5 or 9 dishes, where the product (Alsatian and permaculture) is self-sufficient: pure spelled, arctic char, wild sorrel, organic free-range eggs... all this washed down with a good vintage, preferably plain: you will have the choice , there are almost 1500 references of the map."

1 Star Guide Michelin + 1 Green Star Guide Michelin

Booking: +33 (0) 3 88 49 90 41 /  website:

Chef : Thierry Schwartz
Sommelier : Cyril Kocher

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- For the technical sheet of Lerchenberg Pinot Gris 2020 please click here