Sweet Wines - Alsace

Late Harvest and Noble Late Harvest

These wines are reserved for exceptional vintages, which display concentration by botrytis or by drying on the vine. Produced in small quantities, the bottles are a reflection of the other wines, shown by their finesse, freshness and delicacy.

Kritt Gewurztraminer - AOC Alsace

This ferruginous and clayey soil, stony and rich in quartz, allows the Gewurztraminer to fully express the perfect harmony between soil and grape variety. It’s an elegant wine, with rose aromas, and a delicate freshness.
Technical sheet - Kritt Gewurztraminer 2018
Technical sheet - Kritt Gewurztraminer 2019

Vendanges Tardives Gewurztraminer

Harvested late, in order to harvest overripe grapes thanks to drying on the vines (no Botrytis), this wine reveals aromas of dried fruits while remaining elegant and refined with notes of roses.
Technical sheet - Vendanges Tardives 2018