The Wines : Expression of the Terroir

La Fontaine aux Enfants - Pinot Blanc

Located at the top of the Grand Cru Kastelberg, on a granite platform, planted with Pinot Blanc and Pinot Auxerrois, it creates a wine of an exceptional typicality. The aromas are smoky and fruity with a good acidity.
Clos Rebgarten

Nestled in the middle of Andlau, this small Clos (20.17 acres) includes a vineyard. Replanted in 2012 with Gewurztraminer, this plot of 10.000 plants/ha density is entirely worked with the horse. We hope to produce a great terroir wine in the coming years.
Clos du Val d'Eleon

Riesling and Pinot Gris share the same vineyard and magnify the character of this Villé Schist (schist gray/blue). The tradition handed down by our ancestors reinforces the unique expression of this great gastronomic and mineral wine, with a straight mouth and sharp. The soul of the earth.

Clos Rebberg

The vineyard, planted on the Villé Schist (gray/blue) is totally free of chemicals. It’s located on south-east terraces. This unique stone, the oldest in Alsace, with over 500 million years, gives the Riesling a high purity and minerality and also great flint aromas.